Things to do In Jakarta during Holiday

  1. Play in Amusement Park

Playing in amusement park will be one of fun things to do in Jakarta. Jakarta has many amusement parks which offer water play that will be suitable for tropical weather. Those place are like Fantasy World, Waterbom, The Wave Water Park, and so on. You will enjoy some fresh rides and make get tanned by all day playing in the water. These places open all day from 9am until 5pm. The prices are affordable and you can enjoy water slides, water sport, and all rides related to water. If you search for romantic holiday, you can also enjoy visiting thousand islands, which located in North of Jakarta. You cross sea with boat, and come to one of many islands there to enjoy the holiday. There are many hotels offered around thousand islands area, which their service includes surfing or diving, and you can enjoy the underwater view of coral reefs. You won’t be regretted to come to thousand islands, as you will be paid with refreshment of world paradise. You will enjoy the fresh air of summer breeze and getting natural tanning by playing in seaside. Thousand islands have some popular islands like Sepaisland, Scout Island, Kelor Island, and so on.

  1. Attending Hipster Agenda

As the business and economic center of Indonesia, Jakarta has so many events and hipster agenda, which can be your list things to do in Jakarta. Annual agenda held in this city, such as Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week, Djakarta Warehouse Project, and so on. Most of those agenda held in Mall in Jakarta. For those who loved fashion, these agenda are suitable for you to meet new relations, and also enjoy the local and fusion fashions. If you fancy with shopping, you can also shop many fashion items around the exhibition place and inside the mall. You can also experience and learning about popular Indonesian fashion, especially like Hijab wear, which are popular among Indonesian Islamic woman. The fashions displayed are mostly come from indie brand. Making collaboration with them will give you many benefit and new experience. Aside from fashion, there are many fairs which held in Jakarta, like game fair, local product fair, and so on. The festivals often become place for people to meet with their old or new acquaintance.


  1. Enjoy Local Culinary

Enjoying local culinary is a must things to do in Jakarta and in other countries. You can explore and identify the local favorite taste and have great experience with it. There are many places in Jakarta which offers local culinary. Those are like food street exhibition which spread all over Jakarta. You can also experience unique taste like spicy meal in there. Most of Indonesian people loves with spicy taste, and you can try having them with certain level. You can also try local salad namely lotek, with peanut sauce. Based on the surveys, most international tourist love fried rice and fried noodle, which available in most restaurant in Jakarta. Jakarta is also place known as food combination, like burger with sushi as its filling and other food combinations.

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