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Doctor Ponic: Facts and Tips About Hydroponics Hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants without soil but rather using liquid, sand, gravel, or any other mediums with added nutrients. The word hydroponics came from the Latin word “hydro” or water and “ponos” or work. The two earliest examples of hydroponics or soil less concept of gardening include The Floating Gardens of China and Gardens of Babylon that has been existing for thousands of years. In the 1950s, countries such as Germany, Holland, and Australia had started experimenting soil less gardening that gained successful results. Hydroponics gardening involves two main principles including increased oxygen levels into the root zone, and liquid feed which is directly delivered to the roots. As compared to traditional soil gardening, hydroponics gardening resulted in increased growth rates and yields with increased oxygen levels and nutrient levels. Generally, hydroponic gardening is much better than soil gardening for a lot of reasons. As compared to traditional soil gardens, more plants can be grown in equal spaces in hydroponics gardening. Nutrients from hydroponic gardens are readily absorbed by the roots instead of searching or reaching them in the soil for traditional gardens. Hydroponic gardens are usually stacked for increasing space efficiency and providing seeds and plants with higher oxygen levels. The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is about thirty to fifty percent faster than a soil plant which is both similarly grown under the same conditions. The extra oxygen among hydroponic plants is helpful in stimulation of root growth leading to faster growth. Water and nutrients are mixed together and they are directly sent to the root system. These are converted to saved energy which is later used for growing faster and producing more fruit. Hydroponic plants have fewer issues and problems such as fungus, bug infestations, and diseases, so they are healthier and happier plants. Enrionmentally speaking, hydroponic plants provide a lot of benefits to our environment using less water than soil gardening, with fewer pesticides are used in producing crops. The growing medium used for hydroponic gardening include hydro corn, rock wool, perlite, vermiculite, and sand. The purpose of having a growing medium is for support and aeration to channel the nutrients and water. Feel free to check the website of Doctor Ponic for more details about hydroponic gardening including hydroponic resin flower pot, LED grow light bars, seeds, and other hydroponic paraphernalia. They provide top of the line and quality products for your ultimate hydroponic gardening experience. They are always committed, dedicated and passionate in providing the best products and customer service for hydroponic garden lovers!What No One Knows About Resources

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