5 Things Can Learn From Travelling in Yogyakarta

If you want to go travel to Yogyakarta, you just need to ensure you can get perfect place for you. However, there are plenty places you can visit based on what you like. But, if you like to learn something new and you get excited in making something, you can try to plan your travelling by visiting the place which provides you to learn something new. If you are willing to visit Yogyakarta as your next holiday destination, you are able to find the different and unique experience of it. It will be fun for you if you want to get such as different and unique things to learn from travelling in Yogyakarta. In this place, you can see many workshops you can follow as well. Many visitors come to this city and join the workshop as well. You can schedule your visitation and join some workshops you can follow well.

As we know, Yogyakarta is one of the cities which offer you many kinds of destinations you can visit and learn the new thing from it. The best thing you got traveling is what you get to learn travelling from Yogyakarta as well. You should learn as much as you can while visiting this city as well to get the different and unique experience in your entire life. There are some things you can do while travelling to this city:

  • Batik making. As you know, Yogyakarta has the best batik in the world. You should visit Kota Gede if you want to learn how to make batik by your own. The locals will give you chance to do it by yourself of course with their guidance. The batik making in this city still uses the traditional one, so you can get unique experience in how to make batik with traditional process. You can learn a lot here and you can understand how expensive the origin batik is!
  • Puppet making. Puppet here means Wayang Kulit, is a kind of Javanese traditional puppet which it can use as the performance of Wayang Kulit shows. If you are curious how it is made, you can go to the puppet workshops in this city. You can learn and try how to make this puppet. You can make it by your own with the locals’ guidance and you can bring it home as the souvenirs from this city.
  • Learn Javanese. As what the words say, while you are in Roma, do as Roman. Hence, if you are in Yogyakarta, you should do as the local does. It is the main things of your travelling. While in Yogyakarta, you can learn about Javanese which you can use while in this city. There are thousand ways for you to learn the Javanese start from hiring the local tour guide, or you can socialize to other locals and ask them to teach you the Javanese.

Those are the things that you can do to learn from travelling in Yogyakarta as well. You can get many experiences there.



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